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Our Aim

Our aim at Our Monkey Club is to provide a stimulating, motivating, warm and supportive environment for the children in our care and pride ourselves in becoming a favourite place for the children.
Our Motivation

Providing the best start for our children

I have spent my entire adult life expanding my understanding of human development and the importance of effective support from the very start of life. This is why I moved from psychology to early years in 2008 and started Our Monkey Club CIC in 2010. I understand the long term implications for a child if we do not get it right for them in those first few years and I have watched our sector buckling under pressure to implement practices that we know are harmful and create long term damage and wanted to make a difference for our children. As a board of directors, we have spent years, personally and professionally, trying to understand the most effective strategies for early years professionals and our extensive and detailed knowledge base underpins all our decision making at Our Monkey Club. I have brought the theoretical understanding from my years as a psychologist and we all brought years of experience working with children as a team of directors to develop a setting that is truly unique. As a team, we have the understanding, the capability, and the motivation to get this right for our children and Our Monkey Club is the perfect opportunity for us to make an impact on the early years sector. We hold the child at the centre of all our thoughts and practices and expect all of our practitioners to do the same. To hold the child in mind looking at the world from their perspective and truly advocate for them, this is our main motivation and drive at Our Monkey Club

Our Mission

  1. To respect and support the children within our provision as unique individuals and to provide access to opportunities and experiences that will challenge, stimulate and motivate their personal development.
  2. To continually evaluate and develop our standards and procedures to ensure we provide a safe and stimulating environment for all the children in a provision of the highest quality.
  3. To recruit and develop a motivated practitioner team committed to the best outcomes for our children with access to suitable training and experiences to develop their personal and professional abilities.
  4. To work in collaborative partnerships with families, schools and other professionals as an integral part of the child’s network of care.
  5. To offer a flexible facility that can cater for many individual needs while providing a consistent, stable and warm environment for the child.
  6. To make sure the children in our care feel cared for, respected and have fun!
Our Leadership

Our Board of Directors

We created Our Monkey Club as a Community Interest Company so it would be a non-profit organisation focused only on the needs of the children and not making money. Therefore we became a board of Directors instead of owners.
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Our Practitioners

We have an excellent practitioner to child ratio at Our Monkey Club to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs.

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