To apply for a role with OMC you will be asked to send your Curriculum Vitae and a minimum of 250 words personal statement explaining why you want the role and why you want to work for OMC.  This is not being assessed for grammatical precision or literacy levels but for passion, an understanding of the role and OMC and motivation to achieve.  This will help us to understand more about your needs and goals and be able to ensure that the role will be suitable for you.

Once we receive written confirmation that you wish to be considered for this role we will:

  • Assess your CV with your personal statement against a structured criteria and either offer an interview or decline at this time with feedback.
  • If you receive a date for an interview you are welcome to come in and meet us all and have a look around to understand what it is we do and why we are so different to other childcare settings. If you would like to visit please phone us and arrange a time and we can walk you around. During periods of intensive recruitment we will offer open sessions that you can attend to avoid disruption to the centre.  We can also facilitate a few hours working within the setting if you think this would help you gain a feel for this type of work. Again please call us to arrange this if you think it would be beneficial.
  • At the interview you will be asked to bring the reflective exercise and your certificates, complete a short written assignment and a discussion with the Senior Team.
  • You will then receive an offer of a second group interview day or we will decline at this time with feedback.
  • At the second interview you will be asked to participate in time on the floor with the children, complete an observation task, a group task and both a management and peer interview.
  • If successful you will receive an offer of employment conditional on a Criminal Records Check, references and any other issues such as the finalisation of qualifications.
  • For those who accept the offer, they will be given a commencement date and then 2 weeks intensive training program and a 3 month structured development plan.
  • Upon successful completion of the 3 month structured development plan and the conditions of employment you will have completed your 3 month trial and have secured an apprenticeship contract with OMC.