Starting your career in Early Years

Becoming an Apprentice

We have been offering Level II and Level III apprenticeships for over ten years. We have supported so many of our practitioners to go through these qualifications, gaining knowledge, skills and professional experience to begin their career. The qualifications are the nationally recognised route to become a qualified practitioner.
There is a lot be of misinformation in the education system about what warrants a full and relevant qualifications in early years. Many people are told that health and social care is a route to begin qualified to work with children but this is untrue. There are many qualifications online that suggest you can pay £50 to complete a level three qualification without even se seeing a child. This is just not true.
The only way to become a fully qualified practitioner is to complete the level 3 early years educator qualification. You can purchase this independently of an apprenticeship and it usually costs in excess £2000.00.
A Level II certificate as an Early Years Practitioner will be a start to your career, but you will not be considered fully qualified until you have completed your Early Years Educator.
These qualifications will require substantial time working with children and observations completed over the duration of your course showing the development of the skills and behaviours stipulated as necessary for and effective early years educator.
Usually these qualifications take between 18 months and 2 years and you will also complete a range of assignments and an end point assessment. The end point assessment currently includes a professional discussion and a multiple choice exam.
The course is free to you as part of your Apprenticeship and we contribute towards it as a company. You will be on an Apprenticeship salary which is paid for a minimum of 30 hours a week. You will be contracted to work with us and we will provide an assessor of our choice to ensure you can be successful. We have been doing this a long time and only work with providers who can offer an excellent experience for our apprentices.
You will be expected to hold or work towards a GCSE graded at a C or 4 in Maths and English. Time and support for this will be provided.

Our Promise to You:

  1. We offer a clear induction process including a mentoring program, weekly supervision meetings, a structured program of in-house training sessions, external training providers supporting your qualification and assessment and an individualised development plan.
  2. We will ensure you have at least 20% of your working hours on training opportunities such as shadowing experienced practitioners, attending in-house training, mentoring and supervision sessions and assessment meetings.
  3. We ensure you understand how to understand the legislation and how this is communicated through our policies, procedures and into our practice.
  4. We will ensure you have access to the full range of opportunities and experiences to meet the requirements of your course including holding key children’s case management and taking part in all areas of the provision.
  5. We will support your assessor to access effective opportunities for observation and reflective discussion with you and provide witness testimonies to evidence your progress.
  6. We will support your progression and help you to access additional learning opportunities such as forest school, working with children with additional needs or curriculum planning.

The Government Scheme

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