As a non-profit making company we set our fees as low as possible however the low hour rate set for the new 30 hours funding has meant that we have had to adapt our fee structure.

Age Per Hour Per Day Per Week Per 9 - 3 w Full Year(Sept to Sept) Per week 
Under Twos  £                 5.70  £             52.50  £             230.00  £                    -    £                               -    £                      -  
24-36 m/36m without FEEE  £                 5.50  £             50.00  £             210.00  £              145.00  £                               -    £                      -  
24m plus + 30 hrs FEEE £                  5.50   £              120.00      
36m + 15 hrs FEEE  £                 5.50    £             160.00  £               80.00  £                               -    £                      -  
  Per Hour Per Day (TT) Per Week (TT) Per 9 - 3 w Full Year(Sept to Sept) Per week Holiday
Out of School  £                 4.90  £             22.05  £             100.00  £              125.00  £                       120.00  £              200.00
Booking only 24 months plus £                   5.70          
Booking only School Age £                   5.10          
Per Day, Per Week and Per Year contracts from 7am - 6pm (6pm - 7pm must be paid at the additional hourly rate)  
Full week with FEEE will require you to have started your contract in sufficient time prior to the holiday period   
to accrue enough stretched funded hours to cover the holiday period.      


Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE): (Former Nursery Education Fund)

Term time runs from 1st September, 1st January and 1st April for funding purposes

From the term after 3rd Birthday

All children are entitled to Free Early Education Entitlement of 15 hours which must be free at the point of access


Families where all parents in the home work and earn a minimum way for at least 16 hours a week but still earn less

than £100,00 p.a. each will be eligible for the 30 hours funding.

From the term after 2nd  Birthday All children of families eligible can receive 15 hours Funded placement at Good or Outstanding settings

To check eligibility, call on 0116 305 6208 for Leicestershire or 01629 539316 for Derbyshire.  You will be asked

for the following information: Parent/carer surname, Parent/carer National Insurance number, Parent/carer date of birth. 








Invoices are based on booked sessions and not attendance and all booked sessions must be paid for in full.

Invoices must be paid in full, weekly, monthly or termly in advance on the last day before the invoiced period of care or the first day of attendance in the centre by a new customer.

We do operate various special payment schemes. These are subject to agreement and are still subject to payment in advance.

You can either pay weekly or monthly but payments MUST be in advance.  You can pay by Direct Debit, Standing Order, Internet or telephone banking, cash and vouchers.  All payments must be received so that the funds are with our accounts prior to the period of care.

The Centre will be closed for 2 weeks at Christmas and there will be no charge.  The Centre will be closed on Bank Holidays and there will be the normal charge if the child is usually booked in on these days.

The Fee’s are reviewed each June and any Fee change is notified in August to be actioned at the beginning of September.