Our huge Church Gresley setting opened in July 2014 and offers full day care facilities including funded places for pre-school, out of school services and a room for our Under Two’s in a beautiful, Victorian School building.  We are open from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday to offer flexible and comprehensive care for your family and our children have a wide range of areas and opportunities to choose from including our art room, snack room, library, large outside space, role play room, hall and soft play and maths and construction room.  The Manager, Michelle Asling has been working in Early Years for nearly 18 years and is a Director of Our Monkey Club, having played a key role in starting the Community Interest Company and Jessica Breakell, Assistant Manager has been with Our Monkey Club for 5 years.  This large centre is continually developing and we have recently built a new chicken house and are currently developing our new vegetable garden. 

Whenever we show families around they always tell us that they didn't know any of the opportunities we have on offer were even here!  People often report that they thought our provision was going to offer the one or possibly two rooms that many pre-school and nursery provisions offer.  Therefore, we invite you to take a virtual tour around our centre as we explain the opportunities we have to offer and why and how we have designed our largest centre yet!

Outside signMap of Church Gresley Setting


Your Child's Day in our Early Years Provision

When children first come in in the morning they are welcomed through reception to the front two rooms usually reserved for the older children which are used before 8am and after 5.30pm for all of our children.  The Under Two’s space is open for our youngest children and the Snack room opens for breakfast at 7.30am where children can access a heathy breakfast.  The outside area opens after 7.30am and further play spaces open as children come into the centre.  Our older children leave to go to school at 8.30am and we offer school transport to all local schools. 

Many of our younger children start at 9am and our play spaces are all supported by qualified and experienced practitioners.  Your child will enter the setting and you will be welcomed in by your key person when possible or will be directed to another practitioner who will know our child well.  They will welcome the child into the centre and the child will place their lunch box in the Snack room and their coat and bags in the cloakroom and will then be invited to find a space to play.  Your child will be supported to play and learn throughout the session in all the main play spaces and the large outdoor space and opportunities within the sports hall, art rooms and food preparation spaces to extend further learning experiences.

Your child will be invited to join in with their friends to have snack and join in with eating a healthy lunch if they are here over the lunch period.  This is a time to be social and learn about keeping your body healthy. The play continues in the afternoon until you arrive to collect your child.  The older children return after school and the children of all ages get to play together which supports the younger children to learn from the older children and the older children learn to be sensitive and supportive to the younger children.  Early evening the centre becomes a calmer place and the children access the outdoor spaces and we have time to wind down focusing on time to spend time with practitioners and each other in calmer activities such as drawing, accessing ICT, table top games and reading stories.

Our children develop their social abilities as they engage within a large community of children and practitioners and learn to self-select from opportunities and experiences.  We offer the chance to look after chickens and rabbits, climb on the gym bars, play in the soft play, borrow books from the library and use the facilities of a fully stocked art room.  We also offer the opportunity for children to attend OMC until the term after their fifth birthday using their funding and we are beginning to offer groups of children engaging with an education outside of the traditional school system.