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Our Motivation

Providing support when you need it most

We know that when you start to notice that your child is finding situations or experiences challenging, or that they are struggling to learn new skills, you start to worry about how to help them. We know that helping your child as early as possible has a significant impact on their long term capabilities. We also know that getting the help when you need it is becoming increasingly harder with service provision cuts and thresholds being raised for any meaningful support for your child and your family. We wanted to provide support when you need it most and not after being on a waiting list for 18 months.

We do not offer services to diagnose your child or medicalised assessment or therapy.  We do offer to apply our understanding and knowledge through many years of practice and academic study, to understand and support the issues your child and your family are facing.  We can offer play support sessions to help you to learn to provide effective and successful learning opportunities for your child and to feel able to understand your childs play motivations and needs

We can also offer support within settings and organisations to ensure children and their needs are understood and supported effectively within all interactions and all play is maximised to support the childs development and well-being.  We are able to provide programes for play and support for emotional and behavioual challenges your child is facing.

Finding out that your child has a diagnosis for a developmental disorder can be a minefield for families. you may already feel that you are stretched to your maximum coping with the day to day. applying for an Education, Health, Care Plan (EHCP) can leave you with many questions and not really knowing how to start or where to go. Our experience of working with families with children with SEND and the different professionals involved with these families has given us lots of experience when it comes to applying for an EHCP.

We have supported families in gaining additional professional support and funding as well as applying for Education, Health, Care Plans (EHCP). We have worked across multiple local authorities and with paediatricians in gaining the best possible support available to children and their families.

Play'n'Stay Session with Parents

Specialist Play'n'Stay sessions for children under 2 and from children aged 2 to 5 years old. They are scheduled at our settings on a Saturday 10 to 12 and a 12.30 to 2.30 and supported by Jessica Breakell and her team of practitioners. Booking is required for all sessions.
Specialists in the Application of Developmental Psychology

Leading our Specialists


Family Support

We can work with families and individual children within their homes or settings and offer full support from the start of the process to applying for an EHCP if relevant and a suitable educational placement.


We can work within organisations and early years settins to offer specific support for individual children or the SEND provision throughout the setting. We can offer a bespoke service depending on your needs. Please contact us directly.