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Steps to Enrollment

Its always worth doing lots of research when choosing a provision. Look at websites, facebook sites and go and have a look around if you can.
We have many parent reviews both on Facebook and Google and we would recommend reading through our customers experience of our service.
We also have information on our settings, ethos, practitioners and our activities. We even have 360 tours available to look through. Make sure the setting feels comfortable to you and matches your expectations for your child.
Send us your details via the enquiry form and we will contact you to arrange a visit to our settings to meet us. Give us as much detail as possible so that we can help you quickly and efficiently. We always recommend bringing your child with you so they can see the play space and meet our practitioners. Visits are usually after we become quiet in the evenings due to covid-19 restrictions but we feel they are essential to help you make the right choice for your family.
Come and see us. Ask as many questions as you like. We want you to understand what we do and why we do it so that you can make an effective choice for your family.
Complete the registration process on our online Famly software and pay the initial invoice. That is all that is required. No enrollment fees, registration fees, deposits or 3 months advanced fees. Just fill in your child's details online and completing the funding documation if required. We will generate an invoice and once that is paid we will confirm your placement and start date. At that point, our management team will organise transitional visits as necessary and set an initial meeting with your key person for your family.


  1. We now have strict protocol for managing registrations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. This may mean that visits, transitional sessions and additional support may be disrupted. We apologise for this and hope to return to a full service as soon as possible.
Why choose us

Our Core Values

With Our Monkey Club, we always put the quality of learning experiences for our children first, please rest assured when your children attend they will have the best possible start.

Learn And Play

With the criteria of playing and learning together, children will have a wonderful time.

Nutritious Meal

Children's meals will be provided with all the nutrients necessary for a day of play.

Amazing Practitioners

Experienced and dedicated team of teachers and educational practitioners will help your child develop in all aspects of learning.

Enabling Environment

The colorful environment at Our Monkey Club is suitable for all our children 's development needs and play opportunities..