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We have two wonderful settings in Swadlincote and we are about to open our third in Burton on Trent on Branston Road! We would love to meet you and your child as you make your decision to share their earliest years with us. We offer full day care, shorter sessions and out of school sessions and holiday care. We believe all children have the right to play, learn and grow into independant, confident and amazing individuals. We can't wait to get to know you all and welcome you to Our Monkey Club.
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At Our Monkey Club we provide a wonderful place to play and learn and we work hard to make sure your child will get the best start in life


Creativity is vital for children to learn who they are and about the world they live in. Creativity underpins problem solving, investigation and imagination. We prioritise the development of childrens creativity for long term success in learning.

Physical Development

Childrens bodies inform their brains about their capabilities and their environments and so need to be healthy, challenged and busy. Our children are physically challenged in all aspects of play and we focus on the development of healthy, strong bodies and minds.

Open Ended Resources

Children must learn to create, explore and learn how to learn. Many toys limit a childs choices in how to play with them offering prompts to direct play. Open ended resources allow a childs only limits to be their imagination! Remember the boxes at Christmas?


We understand that our greatest learning resource is our practitioners. They play, love, challenge and communicate with your child and the better our practitioners the better the interactions which improves our childrens learning experiences.
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We love to share ideas and practices because the closer we work together the better our childrens lives become.

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Interested in good preschool education for your child? Our Monkey Club is the right decision!