Finance Director

Katy Braithwaite

My Journey...

I started my career in administration and worked at various companies designing strategies for the management of systems and its administration. I started to work with Diana as a childminder in 2008 and became part of Our Monkey Club attending with our children. I registered as a childminder and joined the commitee at Our Monkey Club to support the group and started to help with the finances and administration.
I then took some time away from Our Monkey Club as I had my daughter and continued to volunteer as an administrator for several years as I raised my daughter. During this time I took my Level 3 Childrens Care, Learning and Development and I was able to volunteer on occassions to support the children.
For the past few years I have worked on a part time basis and have developed the systems to manage the financial health of the company and it is a constant challenge to remain sustainable with the issues with government funding and rising costs. I work with the other directors continually to try to manage the financial constraints put upon us to reduce the impact of our families and our children.
While you will rarely see me at the centres, I will be the person who responds to your emails and helps you find the best financial system to support your family.