We were inspected at Church Gresley in February 2016 with a 'Good' outcome.


Click here to read the full report for Ofsted March 2017 (Good)


The inspection report tells parents and carers all about the quality of the provision and so helps them decide if they want the provider to look after their child.
The report includes:

  • the overall quality and standards of the early years provision including the quality of teaching and learning
  • a description of the provider
  • how well the provider meets the needs of the children that focuses on ensuring they make the best possible progress
  • the contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children
  • the effectiveness of the leadership and management in understanding and implementing the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • The reports have now been changed to offer the written report of the inspection within a single page for a more concise summary of the service.
  • the grades that the inspector gave with clear reasons for them
    • grade 1 (outstanding)
    • grade 2 (good)
    • grade 3 (requires improvement)
    • grade 4 (inadequate).