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We are excited to open our new setting on Robian Way in Swadlincote as we move services from our previous Church Gresley setting.
RObian Way, Swadlincote

Our Monkey Club, Swadlincote

We moved to South Derbyshire in response to low attainment at foundation stage for children throughout the area to improve outcomes for children and we have certainly seen our children thrive. In our new setting we still offer full day care facilities including funded places for pre-school and out of school services. We are open from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and our children have a wide range of areas and opportunities to choose from.
For our children that start before 8.30am they will be welcomed in with breakfast in the morning and we transition children to school for 9am. We support a range of schools including Church Gresley Infant School, Pennine Way Junior School, St Georges Primary School and Belmont Primary School. For those children staying to play for the day we spend the morning focused on extending play and supporting children’s personal learning goals. All our play spaces are all supported by qualified and experienced practitioners. Your child will enter the setting and you will be welcomed in by your key person when possible or will be directed to another practitioner who will know your child well and they will be invited to find a space to play. Your child will be supported to play and learn throughout the session in all the main play spaces including the large outdoor space to ensure children learn within context and within self-selected activities.
Your child will be invited to join in with their friends to have snack and eating a healthy lunch if they are with us during the lunch period. We focus on mealtimes as a chance to be social and learn about keeping your body healthy. The play continues in the afternoon until you arrive to collect your child. The older children return after school and the children of all ages get to play together which supports the younger children to learn from the older children and the older children learn to be sensitive and supportive to the younger children. During early evening the centre becomes a calmer place and the children access the outdoor spaces and indoors we have time to wind down focusing on spending time with practitioners and each other in activities such as drawing, accessing ICT, table top games and reading stories.
At the Swadlincote setting, children develop their social abilities as they engage within a large community of children and practitioners and learn to self-select from opportunities and experiences. We offer the chance to look after the centres pets, play with the soft play, borrow books from the library area and use the facilities of a fully stocked art and design area. We also offer the opportunity for children to attend OMC until the term after their fifth birthday using their funding rather than attending the Foundation Year at School and for children engaging with an education outside of the traditional school system.
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Swadlincote Setting

  • Our Monkey Club CIC
  • Unit 1 Cadley View
  • Robian Way
  • Swadlincote
  • Derbyshire DE11 9DH
  • Email: Swadlincote@ourmonkeyclub.co.uk

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