Our provision provides the same curriculum and is obliged to the same statutory framework as session preschools, nurserys and school based nursery provision.  This document is called the Early Years Foundation Stage and it provides the legal framework for all settings offering early years education.  This document can be downloaded from the government website by clicking here.

The Development Matters document outlines the curriculum for the early years sector and click here to access this whole document.  It can be accessed in a more accessible format in the document 'What to expect when' which outlines the curriculum and the Early Years Outcomes from a childs persepctive.  This document helps parents and families to understand the developmental expectations of childrens throughout their early years.  This is the curriculum that all preschool settings, nurseries and early years provision use to guide our understanding of the skills, abilities and understanding that the children will develop during this time.  To access this document click here and you can download or print the document.

You can access your preschool funding with us from 2 years old (providing you are eligiable) or the term after your child is 3 years old.  This is currently the 15 hours funding however the 30 hour funding proposal is planned for a September implementation and further details will follow as we are informed of them.

Our Preschool provision works to support our children to have a smooth transition to their future learning, development and education and Derbyshire County Council have recently created 10 keys to unlocking school 'readiness'.

These are;

  • I can settle happily without my parent or carer.
  • I can tell friends and grown-ups what I need.
  • I can take turns and share when I am playing.
  • I can go to the toilet on my own and wash my hands.
  • I can put on my own coat and shoes and feed myself.
  • I can tell a grown up if I am happy, sad or cross.
  • I know that what I do and say can make others happy or unhappy.
  • I am curious and want to learn and play.
  • I can stop what I am doing, listen and follow simple instructions.
  • I enjoy sharing books with grown-ups.

We support of our our children to develop these important life skills for their ongoing success and lifelong learning.