Level II Certificate in Children's Care, Learning and Development
Currently Studying towards LEVEL III Early Years Educator
Apprentice Early Years Educator

Renay Park

My Journey...

I applied for the Apprenticeship Program with Our Monkey Club after I had my second child as I had moved away from my studies to start a family and felt I was ready to return to my career. I had already completed my Level II Certificate in Children’s Care, Learning and Development and so I could be classed as a qualified practitioner however the apprenticeship gave me time to focus on my studies and to grow as a professional. I was also able to work alongside my boys and watch them play and grow while I completed my qualifications and gained experience.

I loved working at Our Monkey Club and my children made friends and loved the other practitioners.  I was made to feel so welcome and felt part of the team quickly.  I worked in the snack room and quickly became responsible for many of the main tasks of providing a healthy and nutritious diet for all our children.  I enjoyed my time working with child make snacks, implementing cooked dinners, engaging in messy play activities, and watching them grow and become more independent.  After a year I decided to take a break from my studies to spend time with my children again but wanted to return when it was practical for my family. 

This became possible in February 2020, and I returned less than a few weeks before lockdown! My first year back at Our Monkey Club has been different but it has permitted me the scope to learn and develop my skills and have 1:1 support from the leadership and management team. It was wonderful coming back and I felt like I slotted straight back in and like I’d never left. I have now nearly completed by Level III Diploma as an Early Years Educator and am working as a successful Key Person with my key children. I have a great team and really enjoy my role playing with the children everyday. I hope to move forward to an Advanced Apprenticeship and achieve my degree next while working alongside the children everyday and getting to watch them grow.