CACHE Level II Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce
CACHE Level III Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce
Early Years Educator

Tammy Knight

My Journey...

I started my Apprenticeship prior to joining Our Monkey Club at another nursery and started my level two qualification and I felt I needed more experience within the sector than my placement offered me. I looked for another setting and joined Our Monkey Club as the Church Gresley setting was opening in 2014. I completed my level two qualifiation and quickly progressed to my Level three Diploma for the Children and Young Peoples Workforce. I have loved working outside supporting the children to develop their minds and bodies learning to climb, cycle, run and jump.
I moved into the under twos space and progressed to leading the room and I loved my role and the difference we could make to the children as they began to talk, move and play. I loved leading the room and enjoyed supporting others in their journey to become practitioners. I enjoyed watching as the children grew and transitioned into the larger play spaces but I decided to follow the children through to the main play spaces and returned to work with children in the role play space..
I have been working in the main play spaces again for a year and love the conversations, role play and stories we tell with the children. The children have amazing imaginations and I enjoy playing in their games and watching them make connections and learn new things. I am away having my own baby at the moment but will be back again when he is ready to start his journey at OMC.