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Our team of highly trained and experienced practitioners

Our team is what makes OMC so special and we carefully recruit, train and support our practitioners to ensure they have the skills we need to support our children effectively. We prioritise practitioners that love to play with our children and our motivated by the relationships they build as they watch our children learn and grown. All our curriculum is play-based and our practitioners understand how children learn so they can enhance the learning opportunities seamlessly within the choices in play the children make. Whenever I walk through the centres, I see practitioners playing and talking with our children and they cannot wait to tell me what your children have done and said during the day.

Our practitioners are supported through national vocational qualifications including the Early Years Practitioner and the Early Years Educator and all our practitioners can progress to their degree and post degree qualifications including the Early Years Teacher status.  All our practitioners experienced a detailed induction system and in-house training programme and understand our evidence-based practice and are perfectly ready to support your children in everything they want to learn and achieve.

Working together to Build Our Monkey Club since 2008...

Meet our Directors Team

We created a Community Interest Company to provide afforable, flexible and high quality child care for local families. An exciting, safe and loving place to watch our children grow and learn... and then a place to share with you and your children too.
About Our Leaders

Our Management Team

Our leaders understand the importance of supporting our team and creating effective learning environments for our children to thrive.

About the Practitioner

Our Practitioners

We have an excellent practitioner to child ratio at Our Monkey Club to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs.

Lisa Butterick

Trainee Assistant Manager

Jessica Breakell

Early Years Professional

Emily Welch

Early Years Teacher

Tammy Knight

Early Years Educator

Nicole Harrison

Early Years Educator

Amy Miller

Early Years Practitioner

Miriam Khawaja

Early Years Eductor

Laura Oakey

Apprentice Early Years Educator

Renay Park

Apprentice Early Years Educator

Honor Christie

Apprentice Early Years Educator

Megan Hancock

Apprentice Early Years Educator
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Secure and Caring Relationships

A life helping others grow

Working for Our Monkey Club CIC

Working at OMC is not an easy choice. We have high expectations of our practitioners and will tolerate no less that 100% everyday for our children. If you are passionate about working with children and learning to be the best practitioner you can be we are a great team. We offer a stong apprenticehip program and many of our apprentices move through their Early Years Practitioner and Early Years Educator qualifications. As an Early Years Educator you will be a full and relevant practitioner however many of our practitioners continue on to study and complete their degree while working full time at Our Monkey Club. We offer a wide range of in-house training opportunities and have a culture of reflective and collaborative learning. If you wany to join us, see our current opportunities on Indeed or send a covering letter explaining why you want to work with us Our Monkey Club and your CV.