Finding a Career with us

Working at Our Monkey Club

At Our Monkey Club we recognise the importance of building the right team and each individual practitioner within our team contributes to the success of our community. A role with us is the start of a career, not just another job.
Our Monkey Club is a warm, welcoming and supportive environment and our team is amazing. We focus on developing a team approach and have great working relationships throughout the company. We have sound induction, mentoring and supervisio systems in place to ensure we communicate our expectations and support you to acheive success in your role and with our children. Our leadership team will be focused on helping you genuinely understand and connect with our children and our in-house training program will cover all areas of your role and the many methods you can use to enhance our childrens time with us. We a influenced by a wide range of theories and approaches and we will help you to understand the way we have woven these into our pedagogy. Our practitioners often grow with us and all of our amazing leadership and management team completed level 6 or post level 6 qualification during their time with us and we work closely with practitioners hoping to become leaders and managers in the future.
On a daily basis, our practitioners are able to spend their time playing with the children, engaging in high quality play-based learning experiences and opportunities. We understand and value high quality interactions and ensure our practitioners can focus on the children during their time in play. Practitioners use an online journalling system called Famly to reflect on and assess childrens learning and development and we use flexible planning systems to focus on the childrens motivations and interests. All recording systems are purposeful for the child and we do not waste time producing paperwork for the sake of it. Our time should be spent building rocket ships, eating cakes that look a lot like mud pies and singing off key songs loudly and proudly. We know that this is the important bit... so we make sure you can prioritise that above all else.

Roles with us

We accept enquiries for employment at all times at Our Monkey Club. We are always growing and developing our team and we can only do this as we recruit effective team members.


We offer Apprenticeships for the Level II Early Years Practitioner and Level III Early Years Educator as people enter the sector. Once you have completed the Level III Early Years Educator you become a qualified practitioner with a full and relevant qualification alllowing you to work in any setting.

Advanced Apprenticeships

We also offer Advanced Apprenticeships to enable those who are entering the sector to acheive a degree or equivilent to enable them to transition to the Early Years Sector. Diana Lawton (Our Managing Director) has been instrumental in designing the Level 5 Lead Practitioner and Level 6 Pedagogic Lead Apprenticeship Standards for the new National Apprenticeship award. She has worked with the Trailblazer group to design the framework and the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of these roles. We know these will be vital to the sector to aid recruitment and retention. We can also offer the Early Years Initial Teacher Training award as an advanced apprenticeship.

Qualified Practitioners

We obviously welcome applicants that have already acheived their qualifications and are either seeking their first role or bring with them a wealth of experience. IWe often find that working with us brings it's challenges sas we are very different to traditional settings. We will offer you full training and support to understand the ethos and approach of Our Monkey Club. Many practitioners understand the importance of free flow, play-based environments where the child leads all learning and development. Many practitioners love that we understand their role is provide the support to ensure they get the most out of the opportunities and experiences raher than to lead, direct and do 'to' children. If this is you, we can't wait to meet you!

Leadership Program

For those that are ready for the next step in their career, we offer a Leadership Program. We understand the difficulties in stepping up from working as an early years practitioner into leadership. You have spent years being amazing with children under the age of five and now all of a sudden you need to be amazing with grown-ups too. You need to lead a team of individuals and be responsible for their progress, competency, learning and development all while ensuring that they can provide amazing experiences for the children, managing everything else the role entails! Being great with children does not mean you have the skills to be a leader, but we make sure we offer you the support, experiences and scope to develop those skills during this program.