Child Centred Care Our Monkey Club C.I.C We have designed a play-based curriculum offering high-quality learning opportunities and experiences for all our children.
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Our Monkey Club C.I.C offering the highest standards in
care, learning and development
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Child Centred Care Our Monkey Club C.I.C Providing exciting environments for children to play and learn supported by our highly experienced and qualified Early Years Teachers and Practitioners.
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Ashby Road, Donisthorpe

Our OUTSTANDING setting based in the heart of the National Forest offering full day care, pre-school and before/after school for Donisthorpe Primary School and Oakthorpe Primary School and holiday care

Robian Way, Swadlincote

In the center of Swadlincote, we offer play-based learning experiences at our full day care and pre-school from 9 months to 5 years with out of school support from Church Gresley Infact School and Pennine Way Junior School

Branston Road, Burton on Trent

On the edge of Burton town centre we have our large, full day care setting with a focus on outdoor play and childrens wellbeing and engagement. We support before/after school from Angelsey Primary School
Horninglow Signage

Belvedere Road, Burton on Trent

Our amazing new full day care, pre-school and before/after school provision in Belverdere Road (Opposite the Hospital) and offer before/after school care from Victoria Orchard Community School

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Welcome to Our Monkey CLub

The Very Best Start for Your Child.

Operating since 2007, Our Monkey Club provides quality early childhood education and care through our pedaogogically sound and intelligently designed play-based curriculum. Our primary focus is the wellbeing of every child. We provide our children the support they need to grow and develop into happy, healthy and confident people.

Our Vision

Children need quality play-based opportunities and experiences to learn and do this best when supported by highly qualified and experienced teachers and practitioners. Our child-centred pedagogy is focused on our need to join every child on their own learning journey, maximising every possiblity for growth and achievement.

Our Mission

We understand the impact of these first few years on a child's whole life. We strive to make every day full of opportunities for each child to learn and grow through play-based and child centred experiences. We offer amazing and exciting environments supported by highly-trained and effective practitioners to ensure every child can thrive.
Why choose us

Our Core Values

At Our Monkey Club we provide a wonderful place to play and learn and we work hard to make sure your child will get the best start in life.


Creativity and imagination are vital skills for children to learn to explore the world around them and express the ideas they have. Creativity and imagination underpins problem solving, investigation and invention. We understand the impact of creativity on academic ability, life long success and personal well-being.

Physical Development

Physical development is directly linked to brain development and the healthier and active our bodies are, the healthier and active our brains become.. Our activities and environments ensure that our children are physically engaged all day, optimising their opportunities to develop strong bodies and efficient, agile and flexible brains. .

Open Ended Resources

Children need the opportunity to learn how to learn; to create, explore, test, reflect and strategise. Many toys limit a childs choices in how to play with them, offering limited choices and autonomy. Open ended resources such as a box, stick or a piece of material allow the only limit to a childs play to be their imagination!


We understand that our greatest learning resource is our practitioners. They play, love, challenge and interact with your child all day and the better our practitioners, the better the experiences. It really is this simple. Our practitioners make our setting a safe, loving and exciting place to be and will join your child, lockstep, in their amazing learning journey.
What do parents say about us


Let's explore what Parents have to say about us. We value and respect the feedback we receive from our children's parents and families..
About our leadership team

Meet Us: The Team of Directors

We started Our Monkey Club over 12 years ago to offer an alternative to traditional settings that provided highly structured and adult led environments. We wanted to create a place that would allow our own children to thrive... then we opened it up to everyone elses children too. We are immensely proud of the community we have created.

Amazing Practitioners

Learning How to Learn

Play-based Curriculm

Outdoor Learning

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There is no better advertisement for our provisions that the joy and wonder evidenced in faces of our children in play...


Interested in finding the very best start for your child. Contact us today, Our Monkey Club is the right decision!